Motion For Pictures presents another first class lineup that includes short films from Spain, Switzerland, California, and even right here in North Carolina! Join us at The Cary Theatre July 5th for the 7pm show (get there early to enjoy refreshments provided by BREW Cary!), and stick around for a Q&A with the filmmakers afterward! It’s the most fun you’ll have all summer without getting a sunburn!

*Show your ticket stub for the Motion for Pictures Screening Series night at our neighbors – Crosstown Pub & Grill and get 15% off any food item.



A RUDE AWAKENING (dir. Karen Withem)

After a car accident, a young woman wakes up in the hospital. Is her doctor trying to steal her identity?


WASHED AWAY (dir. Dana Nachman)

There are many days that Brandon cannot get out of bed. But on the days he can, he creates sand mosaic masterpieces only to see them enveloped by the tides.


STRAIGHT DOWN LOW (dir. Zach Wechter)

A shrewd high school detective must solve a curious gangland crime to protect the girl he loves in this thrilling neo-noir set in the inner city.


ZOEY GRAY (dir. Pasha Gray)

Zoey vents with her Bestie about her recent breakup when things start to take a transcendental turn.


RUBEN LEAVES (dir. Frederic Siegel)

On his way to work, Ruben is haunted by obsessive-compulsive thoughts as his mind is invaded by increasingly absurd visions and reality and imagination begin to merge…


BRUTAL RELAX (dir. Adrián Cardona, David Muñoz, Rafa Dengrá)

Mr Olivares is dealing with his anger issues and needs to relax. Will a day at the beach solve his problems or push him over the edge?