A free group for screenwriters that provides feedback on work and community of fellow writers (and filmmakers). The group is currently moderated by Jim McQuaid and N.C. Jones.


Anyone adult seriously interested in screenwriting is welcome. Some members of the group have a lot of experience, others are enthusiastic beginners.


The group meets on the second Wednesday and the fourth Tuesday of every month with a Christmas and late summer break.


We currently meet online via a private ZOOM chat that starts promptly at 7PM and end around at 9PM, or when selected works have been reviewed. There are periodic face-to-face socials and get-togethers in the Raleigh or Durham area.


Anyone may attend at any time. The best way to join is to get on the email list, which is managed by moderator Jim McQuaid. Jim sends out a meeting reminder a week or so prior to every meeting. Note that we share everyone’s email address to enable direct and informal connections within the group.


Yes. All members are required to sign our “covenant” of rules which govern our meetings. Basically it means that everyone behaves like an adult and that suggestions for another’s script are freely given. You can download the form below. Physical copies are available at the meeting as well.



The meeting begins with a bit of housekeeping and introductions. Then typically two writers each present 10 to 15 pages of a script for feedback, one in the first hour or so and the second after that.

Ideally, each writer brings ten or so copies of the script and we do a table read of the material, quick reactions and then more detailed feedback as time allows.

Note that there is a queue governing who will be reading at each meeting. To get on the queue, simply email Jim McQuaid (jim@turnipfilms.com). The queue operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

While you may book a date to read on your first attendance at the meeting, everyone is strongly encouraged to attend as often as their life permits. Giving feedback exercises many of the same muscles needed to write and supports your fellow writers.

Note that while many who attend the meeting are also filmmakers, this meeting is focused on the challenges and practices of the screenwriter.