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Author: NC Jones

TFC Screenwriters Group

WHAT A free group for screenwriters that provides feedback on work and community of fellow writers (and filmmakers). The group is currently moderated by Jim McQuaid and N.C. Jones. WHO Anyone adult seriously interested in screenwriting is welcome. Some members of the group have a lot of experience, others are enthusiastic beginners. WHEN The group meets on the second Thursday and the fourth Tuesday of every month with a Christmas and late summer break. WHERE We currently meet at the Hunt Library on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh. We start at 7PM and break up...

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Royalty-Free Music for your next Project

Unless you’re an avant-garde filmmaker or a musician yourself, you’ll probably appreciate this list of high-quality, royalty free music for your next project originally compiled by Black Chip Collective: It’s hard to overstate the importance of music in post-production. Particularly in short form projects, music sets the tone and can inspire the style. While custom music is wonderful and I have never once regretted hiring a composer, there are always situations where the budget does not allow for such expenditures.  Although free licensed music is fairly common, it’s surprisingly hard to find consistent sources- even the Creative Commons site links...

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Motion For Pictures: February Preview

Work sucks, love hurts and the people closest to you are all crazy. This month Motion For Pictures presents our first feature comedy Kopy Kings from actor/director Greg Dorchak along with the sweet, wacky animated short Darrel. What better way to start off February than an evening of laughter and romance? And don’t forget to make it a Date Night by taking your M4P ticket to Crosstown Pub and Grill for 10% off any food item on the menu. Join us at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Latest news:   DARREL A quick glance on the subway....

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Motion For Pictures: October Preview

  Opus of Horror Nothing can prepare you for this month’s Opus of Horror- a carefully- currated collection of nine award-winning short films designed to push the limits of sanity and taste. Join us at The Cary Theater as we kick off the month of October with a celebration of nightmares and dreamscapes from around the world! Please note: These films contain mature, graphic content. ZOMBINLADEN (dir. Clément Deneux) In 2011 the US Government killed Osama Bin Laden and threw his body in the Atlantic Ocean. Now something terrible that has returned.   NIGHT OF THE SLASHER (dir. Shant...

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Motion For Pictures: July Preview

Motion For Pictures presents another first class lineup that includes short films from Spain, Switzerland, California, and even right here in North Carolina! Join us at The Cary Theatre July 5th for the 7pm show (get there early to enjoy refreshments provided by BREW Cary!), and stick around for a Q&A with the filmmakers afterward! It’s the most fun you’ll have all summer without getting a sunburn! *Show your ticket stub for the Motion for Pictures Screening Series night at our neighbors – Crosstown Pub & Grill and get 15% off any food item.   THE JULY MOTION FOR...

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