Many filmmakers these days are looking to tap into the new and evolving production pipelines of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, but the big question is how do you get a project in front of the online development execs? With each new hit Netflix series, there’s another version of how the showrunners drummed up heat and scored a greenlight and has compiled a list of these stories and even more advice on how to catch Netflix’s attention in “The Ultimate Guide to Getting on Netflix as an Indie Filmmaker.”

The Ultimate Guide claims to answer the questions:

  • How do I get on Netflix as an indie filmmaker?
  • How do I pitch to them? Who do I contact?
  • What types of shows and films do they want?
  • Is it worth it to give my distribution rights over to them?
  • How much money will I make, if any?

The resources are broken out into the following chapters:

Check out indiefilmTO for the full post The Ultimate Guide to Getting on Netflix as an Indie Filmmaker.

And for even more distribution resources, indiefilmTO also has a list of all active distributors in Canada / UK / USA.